Ficfest 2016

As many of you guys no doubt know, I’ve spent the last year or so shopping around the first in a book series I co-created with my bezzie mate Kay Ediger. Admittedly, I’m not totally savvy with this agent querying lark and have found it to be a bit of a struggle. I’m currently on rejection #35 at the moment, and that’s just counting the agents who actually bothered their arses writing back to me to let me know I’m the shittest writer that ever shitted a shittier shit than shit our book was just not the right fit for them.

Some of you may be aware that Twitter is a thriving community for writers. It’s a great place to mingle, pick up writer tips, even find some kind souls willing to critique or beta-read your work. It was through getting to talk to a lovely and talented lady known as D.H. Poirier that I found out about #FicFest. It’s a new annual pitching event where writers are invited to submit their manuscript to a team of mentors who will give feedback and guide them to (hopefully) get a partial or full request from an agent.

What makes #Ficfest, #PitMad and other such Twitter-based writing competitions so wonderful is the sense of community that tends to arise. There’s a real feeling of paying it forward here. Everyone is genuinely in it to improve, make friends and support one another on the way to publication. H. Elliot summed this up brilliantly on her blog recently.

#Ficfest submissions officially open on Sunday 24th April and run through to Monday 25th April. It promises to be a really fun event where writers can bust ass on their manuscript and get to know a fantastic community of fellow scribes. To find out more, check out the Ficfest submissions guide on Tiffany Hoffman’s website.

Right, must be off. Still got about 3,000 words to shave off this bloody story!



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