It’s okay to hate winter, and it’s more than okay to love yourself.

I found myself wondering how my neighbours were doing the other day (which is rare for me, I must be honest).

I then thought to myself “this can be a crap time of year for a lot of people – Christmas comedown, S.A.D, debt from last year and just feeling blah with the dark days/dark nights etc”.

I know it’s only a little thing but I put a notice up on our communal message board in the hopes that it might make someone feel a bit better. I thought it was worth sharing here too:

Hi everyone,

There’s no getting around it…for many of us, this is a shit time of year. You don’t need to deny that and you certainly don’t need to feel bad about it.

If you’re struggling with the day to day and feeling burnt out, if the dark mornings and cold nights are just making everything 100 times harder, I want to remind you that you deserve to rest, have fun and do things that make you happy.

Read a book, drink hot chocolate, play a video game, watch cartoons, research fun and free things to do in your area (and do them, even if you plan to do them once the weather’s nicer), go for a walk, learn how to knit, colour something in, book a coffee date with a friend, visit a friend with a really cute pet, plan that trip you’ve always wanted to take. The only qualifier is how truly, deep-in-your-bones good it makes you feel.

Your wellbeing is important. You are important.

No matter what’s going on in your life or what’s making you sad or stressed right now, know that you’re loved, and someone’s rooting for you.

You’re doing better than you think. I promise.


Your Neighbour xxx


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