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Rob Luckett and I wrote some graphic novels for Regular Show that you can throw money at if you like?



Regular Show OGN Volume 1 – Hydration

Written by Rachel Connor

Art by Tessa Stone

The summer is turning into a roastfest and Mordecai and Rigby are desperate to find a way to cool down. But when a mystery pool suddenly appears and offers a chance to beat the heat, it’s only a matter of time before these two best bros find themselves in totally waterlogged trouble.




Regular Show OGN Volume 2 – Noir Means Noir, Buddy

Written by Rob Luckett and Rachel Connor

Art by Wook Jin Clark 

A cold front is moving in, and mysterious earthquakes shake the Park. Worst of all, someone has stolen Pops’s socks! Springing into action, Mordecai and Rigby look to the best role models they have-movies, duh-to crack the case. With the combined powers of noir and ’90s action flicks behind them, these two sleuths should be unstoppable…but this time, they may be up against a bigger foe than they can match. Follow the slime!



Regular Show OGN Volume 3 – A Clash of Consoles

Written by Rob Luckett and Rachel Connor

Art by Ze Burney

Chaos breaks out when three mega-corporations release their new video game consoles on the exact same day! Before Mordecai and Rigby can decide which gaming platform to buy, they’re drafted into opposing sides of an all-out gaming war chock full of laser beams, Maximum Gloves, and pixelated casualties, and the stakes have never been higher.